Sponsoring A Candidate

SponsorshipEvery candidate who wishes to experience Chrysalis must have a sponsor who will support and encourage him/her before, during and after the weekend. This sponsor will be someone who has already experienced either Chrysalis or Emmaus and who wants to encourage the spiritual growth of younger Christians in their churches and youth groups. The purpose of the Chrysalis experience is to develop strong disciples who will grow in their relationship with Christ and lead others to do the same.

Sponsorship is the life-blood of the Chrysalis movement. Recognizing those who would be good candidates should be a prayerful undertaking. These candidates might be:
  • Young people who are attending church and/or youth group
  • Leaders in the church youth group or other church ministries
  • Mature youth and leaders on high school campuses
  • Youth who are new to the faith or who did not grow up in the faith
  • Youth in the church who are not involved in youth group activities
  • Youth in the community who are open to learning about Jesus

Sponsors are responsible for explaining Chrysalis to potential candidates. They should be available to answer any questions or offer any assistance throughout the time leading up to and including the weekend. They are also responsible for helping get their candidate connected to a small group and making sure they are aware of community gatherings. Sponsors collect and turn in their candidate’s paperwork in addition to their own. Sponsorship is an act of agape love.