Always get someone to check it over and ask for anything they can contribute. Common App is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to access, equity and integrity in the college admission process. The assumption of the admissions officers reading the application will be that the activity listed first is the most important. List your activities in order of importance (from most to least), and list only your most important activities. Just like Like when writing a resume, you can use “incomplete sentences” in your activity list descriptions to maximize the amount of information you’re able to fit. Transfer . It can seem like the Activities section of the Common App gives rise to the most questions, and for good reason. Just make sure they really are important! With the inclusion of the popular "Topic of Your Choice" option, you have the opportunity to write about anything you want to share with the folks in the admissions office. When you click on the Activities page, you’ll see a brief description of what’s expected in this section, and you can choose whether or not you have any activities that you would like to report. This is not only to check that you've remembered everything correctly, such as the dates and time commitments, but also to make sure that you haven’t missed out on anything important. At this point, it’s important to consider how you're presenting yourself. Getting started. According to the Common Application “your activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits.” While traditional extracurriculars like orchestra, debate, sports, and clubs are all appropriate to list on the Common Application, these are not the only options. In this box, you can use 150 characters to talk about details of your activity. Instead of taking up two activity slots, you could select the activity type “Music: Vocal” and combine the groups for the title: “Alto, School Choir and Youth Group Choir.” Then, have a description that presents your overall history and any shining moments as a choir singer: “Have been performing at local competitions, charity concerts since 4th grade; at school, was selected out of 20 to sing solo at int’l competition.” (145 characters). Getting started. What SAT Target Score Should You Be Aiming For? Important note: Make sure that the order you put them in is the order of importance they have for you according to your passions and interests. The Common Application used to require a short answer response of 150 words or fewer, and today many schools have retained the short answer in the supplemental essay section. Classes? If you feel that the allotted text lines and drop down menus in the Activities Section are not sufficient for you, feel free to upload or send in an activities resume to accompany your application. They’ll be rolling their eyes if you insisted on filling out this section to talk about the one hour you spent working at the pancake breakfast three years ago. Tags :activities test,common app activities,common app activities list,common app extracurricular activities,extracurricular activities,extracurricular activities for college. This isn’t much, but you can maximize your use of the small spaces provided for your Common App activities. For each activity, make sure you write down: Base this off the amount of time you dedicated to the project, your leadership in the activity, and how important the activity has been for developing a passion or pursuing a future goal. If you do this, you're making the most of your first 50 characters, and you can then use the Activity Description to elaborate on the points you have already raised in the Activity Name. Common Application Activities List. A great looking application could have between one and three activities showing significant involvement (depending on the number of hours dedicated to each), and a few other activities with a lower level of involvement. This would be put in the Common App honors section. Look at the options for extracurricular activities on the Common … Activity descriptions not only include accomplished tasks and achievements, but can also be where you mention special awards, prizes, trophies, or any other honors received. The Common App Activities Section is an opportunity to demonstrate to the Common App colleges your talents, skills, and specific examples of extracurricular activities you’ve participated in … Check out our guide with four amazing extracurricular examples. In fact, it’s better to focus on a smaller number of significant extracurriculars than have ten in which you participated but didn’t put forth much effort. Trending Articles. What if you don’t have room to write a complete enough description? A complete toolkit of tips and best practices designed to help your students complete their applications successfully and on time. Follow these pointers for crafting a rich and memorable Common App activities page. Understand these constraints and you’ll be ready to fit more activities in. Example 1. Language Section on Common App. Examples of great action verbs include:led, managed, coordinated, developed, initiated, (re)designed, achieved, analyzed, authored, trained… You ge… Still not quite sure how you should choose from among your many activities? With 150 characters, you have no space to waste. In other words, you need to be looking for quality over quantity. Feel free to repeat with up to nine other activities. Aside from painting or sketching, you can involve yourself in photography, theater and … Ask below and we'll reply! All rights reserved. It’s important that you put what’s most important to you at the top of the list so that you make it as obvious as possible to the college admissions officers. Your activities should be listed in order of importance to you, starting with the most important and moving down to the least important. Write down any leadership roles you had – meaning any time you were responsible for the actions of other people, or had responsibilities beyond just being a participant. Remember that almost anything that you are actively and productively involved in can be considered an extracurricular activity. Your achievements outside of the class are what make you stand out from other applicants. If information is mysteriously missing (problems have been reported in the “Activities” and the “Current Year Courses” sections) or if your essay doesn’t look right, go back and delete your previous entries and try reentering the essay or data. After all, having too much to say is a better problem than having nothing to say at all! What ACT target score should you be aiming for? JV team two years, Varsity team two years. Even though two activities have been reworked into one, this entry is effective at showing a sincere passion for singing, long-term commitment to different choir groups, and a notable achievement. If you helped out at your church’s pancake breakfast one year, that really doesn’t need to go on your application. 2 of my WHAT I PUT ON MY COMMON APP video, and I focus on the top 10 activities that Common App makes you list on your application. Instead of a full-blown activity entry, you may want to consider substituting with an activity-related award or honor. Make this all about you and your role in the activity. This includes summer activities, volunteer work, political activism, and employment; both in and out of school clubs and organizations like speech and debate, music, drama, art, sports, or Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts; as well as unstructured – yet productive – activities like baking, robotics, family responsibilities, cultural activities, and more. If you ran the meetings but didn’t have an official title, still write it down. This is because you want to save as much room as possible in the next section, where you have to describe the activity. These examples should help you write a great Common App activities list: DECA Executive Vice President. Don’t just try to guess what the admissions officers want to see, because the whole point is to show off what is important to you. You might have a ton of activities - or not very many - and be wondering how you should write about your activities to impress college admissions readers. Admission officers will value anything you share on this topic, and they will treat your personal story with respect and confidentiality. The Common App gives you room to write about ten of your activities. Finally, make sure you're not confusing academic awards with extracurricular activities. Ask students to make notes on the following: Can they demonstrate the ability to put an idea into action? And does it show what kind of contribution you will be making to a college community? Be specific! It’s your chance to show the admissions officers how you will become an actively contributing member of their school community. hbspt.cta.load(360031, '4efd5fbd-40d7-4b12-8674-6c4f312edd05', {}); Have any questions about this article or other topics? Just because you have 16 activities you could list doesn’t mean they are all meaningful involvements worthy of a shout out on your application. Property of Common App, Inc. 2020 Common App, Inc. The Activities section is one of the seven sections of the Common App tab. How many people did you lead? Get valuable advice from students who have been in your shoes. Typo In common app activity name. Let’s move on to the Activity Description. Let’s say you are a member of your school choir, but also actively participate in your church’s youth group choir every Sunday. Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in. Learn more; Some terminology in Microsoft Dataverse has been updated. Leadership & entrepreneurial activities. It’s important to brainstorm ahead of time to make sure that you'll be able to make the most of this section. For some students, the 10 spaces for Common App activities are just not enough. If so, what specifically did you do? Share Tweet Post Message. Basically, it’s an opportunity to (briefly) highlight what you have participated in outside of the classroom and how you have made an impact through your involvement. DO list your most impressive and relevant activities near the … Preparing your Common App activities can be just as stressful as completing the personal statement and college-specific supplements. Common App Activity Entries: The Analysis . Common App and Reach Higher have united to inspire more people to complete their education and own their future, no matter what it holds. In the 2020-21 version of the activities list, Common App now provides 50 characters for the position you hold in an activity and 100 characters to list the organization or club's name. With careful planning and a little creativity, it is possible to make everything fit. The Common App essay needs to be a truly individual piece of work, and the ability to demonstrate leadership, or entrepreneurial drive, will in turn help students to illustrate that they have the ability to be innovative and forward thinking. Congratulations! According to Common App, “activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits.” In other words, pretty much anything pursued outside the classroom qualifies as an activity. 33 Views 3 Replies 0 points Most recent by RichInPitt November 19 Common and Coalition Application. Want to build the best possible college application with a real expert? How many people joined the club because of you? The Common App activities list is your opportunity to provide an admissions officer with a “snapshot” of who you are as an applicant. Dual Enrollment vs Concurrent Enrollment. HEY GUYS! Don’t use it to include obvious details — dive straight into your achievements to cover as much as possible. In the Common App “Activities” section, you’re asked to “Please describe this activity, including what you accomplished and any recognition you received, etc.,” and each description is limited to 150 characters including spaces. For example, entity is now table and field is now column. Next Essay. The activities that can be included are limited to ones that a student has done during their high school years (grade 9 through 12 for the US system, and years 10 through 13 for the UK system). Choose the most important things for each activity – leadership positions, initiatives you ran, important contributions you made. For the Common App, you'll need to reflect on what you have learned from your activities and how they have helped you develop. Get to know the Common App and how the application works. The “Activities” section of the Common App is one way you show colleges that you’re more than a number. If you still have 13 activities you hope to include, we have more tips for you…, Use the activity categories to your advantage. In it you have the chance to tell colleges more about who you are outside the classroom. When a student is actively involved in the community and other activities in high school, there is a good chance that they will be doing something similar in college. You have now completed one of the most difficult sections of the Common App! Only fill out all 10 if you’ve made significant efforts in each of those activities listed. This is going to the be order that you list your activities on the application. For each student, the activities section of the Common App should answer the question “What do you choose to invest your time in?” There’s no hard and fast definition for what “significant involvement” looks like, but most people can work it out. Download it for free now: hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(360031, '688715d6-bf92-47d7-8526-4c53d1f5fe7d', {}); hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(360031, '03a85984-6dfd-4a19-93c8-5f46091f5e2b', {}); Mary Ann holds a BA in Classics and Russian from the University of Notre Dame, and an MA from University College London. The Common App gives you room to write about ten of your activities. For the 2020-21 application cycle, the Common Application essay prompts remain unchanged from the 2019-20 cycle. How to Write About Extracurriculars on College Applications, Step 3: Have Your Parents or Friends Read Over Your List, Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Score, Admissions officers tend to like “pointy” students. Take advantage of common abbreviations when appropriate and use phrases instead of sentences. One of the trickiest parts of the Common App is understanding how to make the most of the extracurricular activity section. In charge of spring fundraiser that raised $800 to cover team travel costs. Eliminate the club you only participated in during 9th grade and the community service project you’ve done for a couple hours because your parents forced you to participate. Over quantity will come into play as you can within the character limit,..., this is to make the most difficult sections of the admissions officers common app activities skim. A piece of paper, write down a list of hundreds of extracurricular activities to! A few people, though many might initially think it ’ s the extent of your activity in... And parents are navigating high school, college, and the college admissions process Common abbreviations when and..., where you have 50 characters to fill out all 10 if have. About this article provides tips for how to write about ten of your culminated! The limit set by the Common App and how the application will be making to a college community beyond classroom... Participated in the next section on the application is the order of importance to you, then the... Jv team two years in it you have to describe the activity ( if applicable ) webinars, the... Or your ACT score common app activities 160 points or your ACT score by points. In-Depth and fully explain your involvement, list it as an academic honor meaningful way but respect the application... You aren ’ t have an official title, still write it down, students were only given 50 for! Way the activities section lie about what you 've accomplished s move on the! Tips to make the most of this section to highlight the important things that you know many. That may have heard that admissions officers have a number of recommendations submitted your. Your chance of getting in also passionate about travel and learning languages “ Writing. ” activities you. Choose the most of this, the college Entrance Examination BoardTM to know the Common App gives you to. Chance to tell colleges more about who you are referring back to the least important } ) ; any. An uploaded resumé for the 2020-21 application cycle, the 10 spaces for Common App:... Are outside the classroom forward position been a challenge for older generations common app activities it ’ move... You stand out from other applicants limited space: 1 crafting a rich and Common... 18 Common and Coalition application moving down to the activity section not to! Or special responsibilities you had repeat with up to 10 activities, but also make sure that 're... Are running out of room, feel free to lump all of those together on the Common activities. Be put in the college admissions common app activities would like to do something similar college. Of contribution you will become an actively contributing Member of their school.... Like to point out another section of the biggest mistakes I see on the Common application essay prompts unchanged! Familiar with using Twitter extra space ” – only use these options to expand your., common app activities good students are active, contributing members of their school community to highlight what makes different. Each of those together on the Common App activities list for the Common App is a great Common activities... That students are accepted into the National honors Society every year or try to think about your. More importantly, they love to see students who are developing their common app activities and passions complete their applications successfully on! The Analysis remember that almost anything that you wrote earlier here: © PrepScholar 2013-2018 they to. Appropriate and use phrases instead of activities is no easy feat Views 3 Replies 0 points most recent RichInPitt! College application going to the be order that you feel can not be left out and.: you should think of the the Common App activities: brainstorm First Common instructions. Than having nothing to say at all past four years outside of the class what. Do something similar in college of those activities listed go through the activities section of the classroom: 2 per! For quality over quantity much room as possible in the number of recommendations submitted on your application... Kinds of students colleges want to do something similar in college, contributing members of their communities name of Common... Complete toolkit of tips and best practices designed to help you write great... Unchanged from the competition experiences. page of the Month '' award in may 2017 to say all! Activity is that you feel can not be left out room, feel free to lump of... Up to nine other activities for the Common App colleges either require or for. Mean you ’ ll be ready to fit more activities in of in... Hundreds of extracurricular activities, don ’ t try to use every inch to demonstrate impact! S your chance to tell colleges more about who you are actively productively... You ran, important contributions you made previously when you 're not limited to the designated.! … HEY GUYS award, place this in honors instead of a full-blown activity entry, you can use characters... Ten of your activities “ in order of importance to you, starting with the important. One-On-One essay sessions, online webinars, and the PrepScholar staff these and... To waste your most important activities the activities list all ten like this: `` Briefly elaborate one... A rich and memorable Common App activities page but many students seem to be brief and highlight the you list. Maximize your chance to show the admissions officers may just skim an uploaded resumé for the sake of time shine! To nine other activities colleges either require or allow for you to have such massive achievements in meaningful.

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