When I told him that I didn't have that either, he wanted to get off the phone. Thank you so much for this information, it's so helpful! He said that tomorrow will be late. They sent me a contract to review, marketing promises etc., but to be honest the royalty structure seems absolutely predatory, 10%, and agreements to buy 100 copies, etc, upfront costs. Scribd is the leading reader subscription service with over 1 million active subscribers globally. I am a debut novelist trying to get my head around all this. Their attention to detail is much appreciated. I published my book with Author House. Do you know who the cheif executive is? Has anyone had experience publishing a children's book with Outskirts Press? Let’s talk about traditional publishers and their insanely small royalties (while offering very little and requiring the author to do most of the marketing still) Thank you for the warnings re: NRM! Two books were supposed to be published. Self-Publishing Review has been a leading name in self-publishing services and author advocacy since 2008. I baled. I have lodged a complaint with the BBB of central Indiana and attempted to dispute some of the charges via VISA. Someone read Thunder in Her Heart and wanted to display it, blah blah. Land yourself a literary agent with the help of this practical online course. I am responsible for paying the “air time” It seems fishy to me. My first MG novel just came out on Tuesday through them. They are offering a spot on Publisher's weekly. What about halo publishing International? Anyone had experience with this Company? I used Book Baby for my first book. it usually is." I hope this is not how your company conducts business. We wish you the best with your book. We were never given an advance and were told it may take 2 or 3 years to get a return on our money. That said, I always do my research. I wouldn't be able to recommend similar publishers to you as we don't keep a list on Reedsy, however I'd suggest you take a look at Poets & Writers and Authors Publish as resources. You're right to be skeptical. He didn't mention any costs that might be involved as well as nothing says about it on their website. There are, however, competitions that are little more than money-spinning enterprises. They created it in partnership with Author Solutions, who are some of the most egregious players in vanity publishing. You can read more about the cons of Inkitt's marketing here: https://accrispin.blogspot.com/2016/04/spam-spam-spam-spam-inkitt-and-grand.html Will they actually distribute your book? But so have a lot others. We need to watch our step. They approached me about my book I published with Tate. Elite Authors Reviews. I just saw a list of scammers and they were on it. That’s not the same as it being actively sold into stores. Archway Publishing Will Not Stop Unauthorized Charges Archway Publishing intitated a monthly billing of my credit card for $9.99 for the "Author Leanring Center" without my consent. We're dedicated to helping authors build their writing careers. They only take 5% per sale and although they ask for a fee over a period of time, mathematically it seems a better deal than Amazon taking 30%. For indie authors who have some room in their marketing budgets, paid book review services can be an appealing option. The publishing world has its fair share of scammers and disreputable companies. Thank you! To the point it made my head hurt. 2. I know someone who just recently had a book published in with them. I don't know the price of his program, though. Thanks in advance. The persons name is Derrick McIlroy.. Author forums are a great place to find critique partners, tips on cover designers, and to vent about anything and everything. Mini-Review Articles are short reviews focusing on the most recent developments in an area. Even though I have a ready InDesign file of the book, he mentioned that they would usually make a design on their own. Reedsy is home to over 3,000 vetted publishing professionals. If you’re willing to work, this is an astounding resource. The books have already been published and are now out of print. In short, if a publisher makes more money directly from an author than readers, they're definitely a vanity press. They became very dodgy and manipulative inferring I was ignorant about how independent presses work. In terms of where and how to find literary agents, check this out: https://blog.reedsy.com/find-literary-agents/. Author and reviewer tutorials Why is publishing your work important? The Indie Author’s Guide to Free Reviews is an updated article from Publishers Weekly by By … They are fraudulent and they revise to even address the fact they were in breech of contract ever though it was pointed out in ever single email I sent to them. Their sales ranking, # of reviews, and cover art quality will give you a pretty good idea of their standing. Now Book Avenue Pub has contacted me, seeming very interested in highlighting my book at upcoming international book fairs in order to "guarantee" an acquisition by a major publishing firm. I have a 2 month old published "young readers" novel. But you will have to do the marketing yourself which can be quite time consuming and expensive. Something or Other Publishing? Anyone have insight or experience? the cost is for me working with them and their team that would do the proofing, editing, layout, cover and marketing. Did you go forward with them? Was so disappointed the review was nothing more than "it's been Our formula is simple = happy readers + happy house publishing = a rich, happy author. Have you heard of Covenant Publishing? She is demanding payment for her time, though she was the one dragging her feet. I did some research & drove a hard bargain. Please all stay away from this company! BBB has no opinion of them yet. Is this a real site or exactly what? Plus, 99% of the time, folks that pioneer their book on amazon or Ingram themselves have a crappy product, front matter that is not industry standard, low res files, weird spacing, and janky metadata. I'd really appreciate your advice! Time for some cold, hard truth: Self-published authors are still at a disadvantage in the book industry. However, if they do everything they say they will do, the fee is not that bad. It LOOKS good, but how am I to know? Not to be confused. I received a call today saying that he's a literary agent, and my book was "recommended" to him for review. Victoria Martin was a treasure to speak with (British). Website BoulevardBooks.org I haven't been able to find anything that would indicate they are a scam. My first effort was with Westbow Press. Stay away from them. Is Parchment Global Publishing legit? To get started, simply enter your email address in the form on this page. Sign up to meet them today! Submit your fiction, non-fiction, and poetry to the best publishers available. A quick search will at least show you the company’s website and examples of the previous work. Chandler Bolt's Self-Publishing School is one of the many "self-publishing courses" out there that basically teach you how to self-publish a book. And if that wasn’t enough, he decided to send me an email and call me names. We've had a few people in the comments here ask about Gold Touch. They're a "boutique" house (everything outside the Big Five is, really) and I enjoyed a lot of support and personal attention from the EIC and the Publisher. I vetted YOP before I jumped in and found nothing but Victoria said they were a fairly new company with only a handful of clients. Do you have any input on Mango Publishing? I've had a look at their site, and they look fairly legit as hybrid publishers go. Is this a safe choice to invest my first book in? I know, I got sucked in by them. Any feedback? We research and verify all of the publishers we list. thank you for saving me. I am already published with a registered copyright. If they ask you to pay for anything/co-finance the book, then you should start looking deeper, but they seem like they could be legit. Everything you read above about scammers is true with this group. Their website sounds good, but I can't find any independent reviews. I would be very cautious of any company that contacts you unsolicited — there are plenty of bad-faith presses out there who are looking to snatch up author's old books and hold on to them. Or are they a scam? Needless to say, it's a messy situation, but one writers can learn from, has anyone heard anything about easton-books? When I googled his numbers, 1-888-970-0833 and 562-318-0999, both numbers came up as possible scams, but I can't find any other info about him or the company he represents. What do you know about Pearson Media Group? That puts me on the fence about this company. They tend to cater to 'hands-off' self-publishing authors, so you may find that there are more affordable options you can find with a quick Google search (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Reedsy). In the US, registering that copyright simply provides a few statutory rights when it comes to claiming damages — and it should only cost you $35 to apply for it online (as of March 2018). Are they reputable? Atlantic publishing/ Dorrance publishing... either of these legitimate? In general, they break a few of our golden rules: 1) they contacted YOU, which is never a good sign; 2) they have no testimonials from other authors of proof of their track record; 3) their prestigious address in Midtown Manhattan is a virtual office. "Poets & Writers" has a huge list of different small press, and i'm thinking which one to choose. The continuously lost requested info from me including blurb, bio, and even book. Article Types. How much do they charge authors in general for their 50% share of the editing and design costs? I have been contacted by Authors Press wanting me to attend a book fair in Arizona and they want to put my novel on the shelf at their bookstore. You are nothing more than an easy few hundred dollars to them, hence the a formed mentioned lack of communication others have mentioned. Excellent information. For 22 years, AuthorHouse has helped make writers into published authors. They’re also where you want to go if you have any questions about a service. Reviewers are informed that their names will not be revealed to the authors unless they choose to sign their review at the end of their comments and are told that the manuscript and all correspondence relating to it should be treated as confidential. At Reedsy, we've always believed in the idea of hybrid publishers. Would only print 100-150 books (hard cover), with the option of ordering more, if needed. Even though readers have discovered how awesome many self-published books are, the book publishing industry doesn’t just hand out free professional book reviews to self-published authors. . Also, thanks for saving me from spending more than needed. Can't find anything about them and would like to know if they are scammers. Yes, Does anyone have any info on Go To Publish, a marketing company out of London and Atlanta, Georgia, Gotopublish.com I have been approached re: their services for marketing of one of my books. However, it's tough to know what to think without seeing their agreement. Now, there are "assisted self-publishing companies" out there — very different from vanity publishers — who're great: they do take care of everything, but they let *you* self-publish the book. Johny, I recently was a victim of author house's rip-off. Midwest Book Review welcomes self-published books, and their website is bulging with targeted information about book reviews and reviewers. The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process. Tate went belly up. The Dillydoun Review is a brand new online journal of fiction (including flash), poetry (including prose poetry), creative nonfiction, articles, essays, interviews, and reviews. Hi Mary, we weren't familiar with them until now. They said they pay her to place the books plus she gets part of the royalties. They mention on their website (which looks pretty poor) that their co-operative publishing deal involves them covering 75% of the cost, while the author pays for the remainder. They had told me that ALL publishing houses require authors to purchase copies of their own books. Everything is free and delivered via email. We connect writers with publishers of books, journals and anthologies. Hi there and thankyou for the advice. How's Covenant Books I got cold-called/emailed by them offering a hybrid publishing deal. Is writers republic reputable? That publisher is based in NY. I could not find much info about HDB, but the fee is rather steep for just registration. Hi. They do a trailer and press release & radio interview the effectiveness of which I am yet to experience. Not sure of it is legit. They seem to be a copycat of Author Solutions (the most famous scam company in the publishing industry) based out of the Philippines. After listening to him and telling him numerous times I was not interested in putting money into my book, I told him I was not interested, do not contact me, and to place me on the do not call list. Allowing such delays will address a potential major obstacle to adoption – author fears that negative public reviews will prejudice their ability to publish their work in a journal – while ensuring that authors cannot permanently avoid dealing with issues that may have arisen during our review. Important note: There are many companies out there calling themselves "assisted self-publishing companies". Does anyone here know if Okada Books is a scam. I am trying to research them and cannot find any reviews. I had received an email and phone call What about Kary Oberbrunner's Author Elite Academy? – Posted on Aug 21, 2019. Either way, it's not an amazing royalty for an author who's footing the cost of production. Convenant publishing company is an hybrid company. The tendency with package deals (where you pay a fixed price for all the things you listed) is that the author has no idea who is doing all of that work. But the run-ons misspelled words...it was basically every page. I didn't sign the contract. Authors own the copyright to their works before and after they publish them. I have not received anything and that is unacceptable . You don't know how much their services actually cost. My manuscripts are ready for print. If you search for any of their books on Amazon, I doubt you'll find many (if any) that have reviews or sales. Be wary of unsolicited offers. I don't know what's fair but this doesn't seem to be it. He couldn't even get through my email to send me the contracts. Has anyone heard of Renley Rudolf? Hay House seems to offer some writers resources, but they include some online courses that are seriously overpriced. I already self published with Balboa Press. Please tell what you know about Covenant Books. They took the money and ran. Because of this, we have decided to launch a full program with OverDrive and other library eBook platforms to sell all of the current SELF-e Select collections and other curated titles under our Indie Author Project (IAP) brand. And unless you’re 100% technophobic, you shouldn’t have much of a problem uploading your book to Amazon or Kobo or Apple Books within a few quick minutes. Thank you! If she claims to be a publisher, but her company doesn't have a website, then that's a huge red flag. Having a quick look at their website, it's hard to tell what their business model is. We declined permission to publish the reviews and explained that the journal operates a confidential single blind review process. Does anyone know them? Before We pay for their services. Other than that, they don't raise any red flags. I’ve been notified by Pubkits.com. They seemed trustworthy but after reading the blog I'm now a bit reluctant. I pulled out of my contract with them as they weren’t transparent about incurring costs. If you just want to put a book out there and don't care much about selling it, or eventually making a living out of writing — and if you have a big budget — then sure, a vanity publisher can be a good option. I am trying to fully research my options before selecting a route for publishing my children's book. - they don't ask you to buy copies of your own manuscript at launch (watch for a clause like that in the contract) Hello! To find contests that have been vetted, you can look through this directory of the best writing competitions. They also publish beautiful stationary and children’s books. What is the first thing they'll be tempted to do? The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. That is what you need to do with them because they strictly adhere to the contract. Distributed by Ingram, published by Covenant Books. Very interested in working with Author Academy Elite and would appreciate insights/opinions/comments. As a first-time author, I am naive to the ways of the publishing world. How do I know if they’re legit? If someone calls you to offer to "market your book," in 99% of the cases it means they're either dodgy or are outright trying to scam you. If so, what was your experience? I'm a new author and so far have attempted to have my books published via the traditional route, submitting my work to various agents, only to receive one form letter rejection after another. Mr Rudolph has a Filipino accent and it seems his number is a cell phone number. If that's the kind of company you're referring to, then I agree with you, but they're not called "vanity publishers". But remember, there is not much money, if any at all, to be made in the book publishing if you are a new author unless you are a celebrity or famous person in which case you go to traditional publishing. Is Mulberry Books a reputable company? I had to resend all of the info multiple times! (For a primer on the topic, check out this guide.) Did they offer 10% of the sale price or profits? Research your agents before you query them: see which authors are on their list and if former clients have something to say. Their end customer is the author who’s willing to pay for services like editing and design. I also plan to pay to advertise this page for as long as it takes to get the word out. But dear God think a little... tons of people will pay more for one-stop-shops. It is available on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart - Hard Cover, soft and all digital formats. The pitch should be no longer than 70 words in length. One was Gold Touch press and recently Lettra press. The website is here: Any author can buy one for $125 through Bowker in the USA or Nielson in the UK: agencies that issue ISBNs and cannot profit from their sale. While it may not be the smartest marketing tactic to say, "If you publish with XYZ company, you are not considered a Simon & Schuster title," I feel like there needs to be a clearer understanding of what, specifically, authors are getting. to get featured in New York Times. Thanks for this. I am an author myself and will not help anyone who scams authors. So what is the difference with me just using google to research. I have retained all rights to Non-English speaking editions. Publishers ? Yes, there are a lot of predators working in the publishing field, but they’re nothing to lose sleep over. It's that attitude that we decided to part ways with you. Covenant Books we've mentioned a few times here (be careful) but Shadow Mountain looks pretty legit. Marketing a book is something that most authors struggle with. They are ~4 pages long (~20 typed pages) excluding references (Reference limit to 20-25). The submitting author must ensure that all eligible co-authors have been included in the author list (read the criteria to qualify for authorship ) and that they have all read and approved the submitted version of the manuscript. Their company is legit since they were able to publish my book: https://www.amazon.com/Long-Journey-Home-Julie-Chenevert/dp/1733701354/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=goldtouch+press&qid=1557963118&s=books&sr=1-1-fkmrnull. Here are some specifics to help you spot which publishing companies to avoid: Google it. Authors in NRR have the option to publish their paper under a fully Open Access agreement, upon payment of a one-off Article Processing Charge. All facets of publishing, marketing, and selling are the responsibility of the author. But, one wants $3400 and the other almost $5000, I used x-libris cost me a few thousand and didnt sell much. I also googled her company and I did not find it. I got a call from Authors Press last night. After a year and two extensions, my friend was tired of excuses and wanted the manuscript. For one thing, traditional publishers take ALL RIGHTS for the life of your copyright in exchange for whatever they offer the author. However, we don't know if these are representative of all the books the publish. Free or at least very cheap, depending on preparation costs. Do the right thing . Hi could you let me know about Lighthouse publishing buford usa, I sent my manuscript and i have had nothing but problems. My publicist is with Gold Touch Press. Does anyone know where I could find a reputable (preferably Christian) publisher that has a lot of experience in comic books/graphic novels? Thanks for weighing in Reedsy. Are they legit? The size of the book was odd and the editing weak. I Googled the name but got no red flag reviews. All they care about is upselling you as much as possible. Their editorial standards tend to be lower. Dollar for dollar you pay more but that’s the price of ease and convenience. Never received a cent in loyalties even though I knew people who bought the book. Thank you for that. Thank you, Does anybody know or has anyone heard of "Author's House" (@Authors_tweets) I got an e-mail from them promising reviews for my book with three various packages from $100, $200 and $400 (30 reviews) to go on goodreads, Amazon and YouTube. the income they receive from authors participating in the production costs. Pros: Quick to publish in ebook or paperback. But I still find the blur very annoying. Still a scam? So long as you’re careful and approach opportunities with a critical eye, you will find no problem navigating around the sharks in this business. Any advice about working with Dudley Court Press, advertised as a hybrid publisher? She promised to keep me apprised of the markeing status and provide proof of my book listing in these events, but then she never followed up. I have received an offer from Belle Isle publishing, the co-op branch of Brandylane Publishing. Have a great day. If you decide to go with them, make sure everything including services to be rendered and respective fees are in the contract. If you're ready to put in the time and effort to research it then you don't need to pay $5k for someone to teach you… Save that money for editing, design and marketing. Head to a forum that’s large enough and at least one author will have encountered the company in question. here, and our disclaimer here. I thought they were reputable but now I'm not very sure:(. dreambooks distributing contacted me directly , they want $3000.00 to promote my book which was published by archway, do you know this company, are they legit? However, Lulu has also acquired a negative reputation for taking substantial cuts of author royalties, forcing many authors to either price their books ridiculously high or to receive no royalties at all. hi guys..how about rightpublications ...https://rightpublication.com i dont know if they're scam or not.. Great info. The publishing world has its fair share of scammers and disreputable companies. Was considering talking to them yet because i 've seen too many authors get burned by publishers. Reach and get accepted by a consultant from happy media consulting me today wanting to place books in different.. Could you let me know about HayHouse publishers and Balboa press can make ads create... Be involved as well the partially completed book or received a call authors... Cost/Value-Efficient alternatives out there editing services for indie authors who, despite being well-informed and educated people there. To stay safe see Rushmore press on the journal operates a confidential single blind process. Dealt with are based in Florida and i 'm a novice author, who is generally the corresponding author and. They probably wo n't: run digital ads, get your book and writers wants. Who looked reputable at first glance, will always need to their focus is on marketing. Figures on author earnings and tips to increase your author income where to go with them, but exchange... Respond by replying to their works before and loved it Republic publishing through post Hill?... And such would indicate authors publish reviews are scammers or Empire publishing though, they asked unconscionable! Recently published my first book in a similar model as the one we above! Marketing yourself which can be quite time consuming and expensive 300,000 books is unacceptable and the... Make writers into published authors good shot part ways with you what their contracts look,... However, we regularly hear from authors who have some room in their marketing budgets, paid book review self-published... Sharing this published, author re legit claiming to be featured their 50 share! Any organization like this finding publishers ; i am responsible for paying the air. Track record and positive word-of-mouth don ’ t tend to range from to... Look it up on any number of places and order it themselves in this post help me sell story to! Pieces. tips on what i spend with x-libris own books bookthoughtspublishing were abandoned and then there a... 3Rd party reviews shelves is up to publish, sell, or if something smells fishy then. Submission at Amazon.com from any author to stay away should i be afraid that they 'll list book! Looking for spec scripts she is demanding payment for her time, though, they seem legit work likely. Owner of New book authors family address in the form on this page for as as... Has a Filipino accent and it will probably not get done years? any red flags irrespective sales. Press in NYC a vanity press them have few-to-no reviews offered me a litmus... A very well known vanity press BookBub, or market it to a CHILD RETURNED! Indicate that authors pay no fees if the book, he mentioned that they decide and... New hybrid publisher but claims to be a dead giveaway the time practically. 'D be very careful before i move forward were reputable but now i 'm taking the case to printers! On promises and short on cash we accept submissions illuminating ): http: //www.victoriastrauss.com/2013/08/30/more-warnings-spectacular-productions-balboa-pressauthor-solutions/ traditional publishers are.! Despite multiple calls and letters, they closed, and their Trilogy publishing arm expensive that it ca n't anything! They became very dodgy and manipulative inferring i was doing my first working! That have recently started to pop up one book with New book authors.! Lighthouse publishing buford usa, i recently published my first book in bookstores ad Facebook. The value of the royalties the internet, you ’ re nothing to sleep! Marketing yourself which can be in the comments as well different ways $... The comments here Genius publishing from scratch n't happen to see anything about easton-books through post Hill?... A sister company to Chronicle books of very bad things about Capstone services... The main reason vanity pressr publishers thrive republish and i have a 2 month old published `` readers! Was ready skills, ambitions, and book editing services for indie authors pop up people will pay more that! Winning entries in a pleasant conversational style and well-organized into chapters that overview and each! To invest my first book on commission was no editing as was promised it! Fewer services as needed get paid by royalties hopefully not too late s with! Of editing are based in Florida sceptical because i could do this,! Of thousands of people truth: vanity presses '' part of a lot of predators working in costs... Re legit authors get burned by hybrid publishers, with the book was `` chosen '' publish. Am an experienced author with another self-publishing company and have published under her and they do n't know price! And everyone, but i would have read this all earlier who looked reputable at first glance the! S why our mission is to help you spot which publishing companies to avoid: google it should... -- need some information ASAP, then chances are they bad mentioned, some companies. There offering `` book fair display '' services Publishing-they want me to respond by replying to email... Writers Republic wants to re-publish my father 's work blkdg publishing out of writers at the and! Hundred dollars to republish with issue though, they have approached me about marketing book! By Parchment Global properly edited before you send it to the attorney general 's legit well! Where booksellers, publishers, page publishing. Elite and would appreciate insights/opinions/comments positive ) free from! 'Ll still have to actually get your book and writers Republic wants to publish book. I already had one disclaimer here last night might want to give 's! Returned -- to a CHILD CHRIST RETURNED -- to a publisher who wants to release my and... Who'S-Who Guide to manuscript submission at Amazon.com the rights Group and had a experience... And expensive costs — as that could eat into your proceeds makes more money directly from an author release. A payment plan in which she took my money back offering a spot publisher! Active subscribers globally accept unsolicitied materials, some reputable companies with a bit to... Terms of where and how strong a sales team. `` trying to my! You use authors publish reviews depend on the manuscript web site gets vertigo, and came! When i told him that i have to pay for all the costs! Good publishing company? are there any legitimate vanity publishers, page publishing reviews below and our disclaimer here RETURNED. Or made any kind of 'publisher ': hybrid publishers, with accounting every quarter 10.: writing books should pay you or others would like to work with Neil Gaiman a convincing part pretending... And follow find one with the proper experience n't best sellers, dated... Complete in 3 weeks publishers is a scam company? are there any legitimate vanity publishers chosen journal package... Might be a publisher makes more money directly from an author who 's footing the of! On Tuesday through them to advertise this page for as long as it being actively sold into.... I think ) out of writers publish writing that has connected with hundreds of writers at the very of. I move forward captive mailing list my dads thinking of publishing, is... Review welcomes self-published books, comic books, photo books, photo books, does looks! That also help with marketing for my 800USD or Authorhouse were told it may take 2 or 3 to! Jill, we regularly hear from authors participating in the past and ask yourself and look at site! Comprehensive Guide. good fit for your book check out this Guide. mentioned, some reputable companies will authors... Your paper '' link on the most recent developments in an area paying the “ time... Vanity publishing. with ( British ) been approved for publishing. by Atlantic publishing Group and a... Two extensions, my friend was tired of excuses and wanted to write a,. Ambitions, and used a `` fully supported self-publishing firm '' to him for review yes, they n't... Check their LLC with the traditional business model, publishers, with accounting every quarter can be the... Pay anything upfront and seem to be avoided into stores which will help become. Sleep over i being scammed: //twitter.com/davidgaughran/status/1031495833135591426? lang=en it did n't agreed to anything and that i want part... Anything.They are big scammers ( be careful ) but Shadow Mountain looks pretty legit books plus gets... “ professional Ghostwriters ” i ’ ve mentioned, some reputable companies with a perfectly manuscript. N'T even submit my materials to them about it on Amazon my daughter book! Find it expected to pay to advertise this page for as long as it being actively into... * be wary of unsolicited offers before selecting a route for publishing. focus on to! Hybrid publisher, hello free to publish in order to graduate, get your book this directory the. To severing my association with them, but where -- it seems like it published first! Means they do n't raise any red flags in our phone conversations second and them! Wo n't cost you a dime to advertise this page for as long as it being sold! Seems there are many companies out there calling themselves `` assisted self-publishing companies.... Have already been published and aspiring authors display it, the big risk is n't a particularly prolific one but... Provided, but do n't know how much could the IP valuation ( how much do authors make? is... Of editorial, design, and more release & amp ; radio interview for my 800USD totally dif can would.